In a way, the N64 portal can do

Valves Gatereleased in 2007 (!), is one of the last games one would expect the humble little N64 to be able to handle, and yet here we are in 2022, seeing it handle it quite well.

Programmer James Lambert worked on a Gate demake for Nintendo’s system for a little while now, but in his latest dev video he reveals that not only has he made “tremendous progress behind the scenes of the game engine”, but he has the most important thing that works: the gun portal.

The video below shows a rough demonstration of Lambert’s progress, but even at this point it looks incredible. Portals attach to walls – with smart sensing elements in place to work around corners – and when you approach them you can look directly at them and whatever is reflected inside moves exactly as it is. must.

To give you an idea of ​​how far this pushes the hardware – remember, this isn’t anything like the N64, it’s actually developed for the N64 and this video was captured on the N64 hardware – Lambert says in the video that he should normally have in-game sound effects now, but he wanted to “verify that the Nintendo 64 could even do portals” before doing it here.

In terms of number of views through a portal, the N64 can really handle – for example, how many times the room you’re in will be repeated when looking through a portal – in this video you can see it reach a maximum of four, though Lambert says the final game will likely need to do a smaller number to keep things running smoothly.

If this all sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because Gate was also recreated – at least in part – by Nintendo DS fans long agowhich was also an impressive feat.

You can follow the Portal N64 project on github.

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