I’m an Ikea expert – My hack turns a piece of furniture into a greenhouse

A DIY enthusiast has revealed how he managed to turn a piece of furniture into an indoor greenhouse.

Ikea’s glass cabinets can be used to store plants – a perfect hack for homeowners and renters who don’t have a garden.


Cabinets can be transformed into indoor greenhousesCredit: Instagram / @thriftygrrl
Influencers shared how they can store their plants indoors


Influencers shared how they can store their plants indoorsCredit: Instagram / @botanicaltommy

Fans can build their own indoor greenhouse for less than $100 if they buy Ikea’s Detolf glass cabinet, Shelby Vittek told the Modern Farmer blog.

The cabinets are available in black brown or white colors and the maximum weight per shelf is 8 lbs.

Indoor greenhouses can help keep frost and cold air out of the house, while still allowing light in.

Gardeners will need to install grow lights and strips that can create the climate for the plants, Modern Farmer revealed.

And, you may need to add a humidifier or water-filled tray if you are growing plants that need high humidity.

You may want to install a mini fan to prevent mold from growing.

Creatives can also personalize their showcase by adding mesh or acrylic shelves, or heating mats.

Meanwhile, gardening experts have revealed how you can grow fresh produce using kitchen scraps.

Farmer’s Almanac staff said, “Gardening kitchen scraps is the ultimate in recycling.

“It’s eco-friendly, it saves on grocery bills, and it’s a fun, hands-on science lesson for young children.”

Experts have shared a dozen vegetables that are great for kitchen waste gardening.

Vegetables include green onions, celery, potatoes, carrots and beets.

Experts also explained how the seeds can be used to grow fresh fruits and vegetables.

Meanwhile, an expert has shared some of the common mistakes gardeners make with their hanging baskets.

And, one avid gardener claimed that Dollar Tree wastebaskets can help keep garden pests from munching on plants.

The ingenious and profitable strategy has been compared to online kryptonite.

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