Hubble Telescope Spots Peculiar Dwarf Galaxy With Very Bright Neighbor

Hubble Space Telescope imagery of the Minkowski Object (lower left) and the elliptical galaxy NGC 541. (Image credit: NASA, ESA and S. Croft (Eureka Scientific Inc.); Image processing: Gladys Kober (NASA Goddard/Catholic University of America))

The Hubble Space Telescope has captured a dazzling new view of a busy star birth factory.

The oddly shaped Minkowski Object, a dwarf galaxy, glows blue in the lower left of the image, while the elliptical galaxy NGC 541 glows brightly in the upper right corner. Minkowski’s object is star-studded, containing at least 20 million stellar objects, and it was heavily influenced by its larger neighbor, NASA officials wrote in a statement. (opens in a new tab) when the new Hubble Space Telescope image was released on May 23.

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