Here’s a visualization of what exactly got nerfed with Luke’s medium Sand Blaster projectile in the Street Fighter 5 patch

Late last night, Capcom dropped a patch for Street Fighter 5 seemingly out of nowhere. There weren’t too many changes overall, but Luke seemed to get the most attention in the form of slight nerfs – with the emphasis on “light”.

One of the changes was to Luke’s medium Sand Blaster projectile. Capcom noted that this move reduced its active frames and overall reach, but by how much exactly?

According to the patch notes, Luke’s Medium Sand Blaster has had its active frames reduced from 7 frames to 6 frames. For comparison, the Light Sand Blaster always has 5 active frames while the Heavy version of the Beam Projectile always has 9 active frames.

Theoretically, this means Luke’s average Sand Blaster has had its range reduced by a seventh from what it was before. It’s not a huge nerf, but it will definitely reduce Luke’s ability to control the opponent somewhat.

Ghanem recently posted a clip on Twitter that gives us a visualization of exactly what changed in Luke’s infamous special. The clip perfectly shows what the move looked like before the patch and how it looks now.

Check it out below:

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