Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire announces the S2 Del Mar, its most affordable electric motorcycle yet

LiveWire, the Harley-Davidson spinoff electric motorcycle company, has announced its most affordable model yet, the S2 Del Mar. The first batch of Del Mar motorcycles, dubbed the Launch Edition, will sell for $17,699, while the base versions will start at $15,000.

The S2 Del Mar is a mid-weight motorcycle, which makes it more accessible than last year’s LiveWire One. It’s built on LiveWire’s Arrow platform, which includes the battery, electronics and motor, in a single unit that the company can then plug different types of models into.

The Del Mar will use the S2 version of the platform, designed for mid-weight motorcycles, LiveWire says. However, Arrow is designed to be scalable, and future releases are expected to include a lightweight S3 and heavyweight S4 design.

LiveWire is aiming for 80 horsepower (59.6 kW) for the S2 Del Mar and less than 440 pounds in weight, delivering projected zero-to-60 mph times of 3.5 seconds or less. LiveWire says the new bike will get around 100 miles of city range.

The S2 Del Mar is perched on two 19-inch Dunlop DT1 tires capable of riding on pavement and off-road. A tracker-style handlebar topped with a thin screen positions the rider in an upright position, which LiveWire says will provide “a comfortable and controlled riding experience.”

And the bike is already proving highly desirable to customers. Reservation deposits for 100 Launch Edition versions of the S2 Del Mar have already sold out, a spokesperson said, having been picked up in just 18 minutes. Customers can still add their name to a waiting list for the standard S2 Del Mar, which is expected to begin deliveries in spring 2023.

While the first LiveWire electric motorcycle was praised for its good build and fun to ride, it was often criticized for being too expensive, with a starting price of $29,799. LiveWire One, released in July 2021, was more affordable, starting at $21,999. And the S2 Del Mar will be even more affordable, which should help LiveWire (and Harley-Davidson) stay competitive against newcomers like Zero Motorcycles and Cake.

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