Halo Infinite’s next update will bring back the campaign’s secret ultra-powerful gun

Halo Infinite A glitchy, overpowered “tank gun” will be added to the game’s campaign in an upcoming update, developer 343 Industries announced on Friday.

The Tank Cannon is an extremely powerful weapon – essentially a portable version of a Scorpion tank’s cannon that has unlimited ammo – and it’s been popular with speedrunners and as a way to make the game much easier. But even if you have to know exactly where to look to find the weapon (which is invisible by the way), Halo senior community manager John Junyszek said in April that 343 would remove the “tank gun glitch” alongside the game’s second season, which launched on May 3. This move wasn’t very popular with the community, and it seems there was enough backlash that 343 decided to bring the Tank Gun back.

343 will also add skill jumps to the game’s multiplayer maps. Hard-to-do jumps (like the “Pizza” jump) might give players an edge in a fierce battle, but it looks like they did it in a pinch. way the developers hadn’t intended.

“We initially identified these jumps as falling into two categories: places where the environment poorly communicated traversal options in the game world, places that created an imbalance in combat, or a combination of the two,” Junyszek said Friday. on the Halo. Waypoint forums.

343 made a few tweaks that removed some skill jumps with the Season 2 patch, but community outcry was strong enough that 343 considered adding a lot. “Players have made it clear that our analysis of these jumps was not targeted, and we appreciate the feedback,” Junyszek said.

Junyszek reported last week that 343 Industries was considering changes in response to player feedback following the season’s launch. “We’ve seen feedback on changes that have impacted various multiplayer jumps and campaign speedrun strategies,” Junyszek said on May 5. “We’re not at the point yet where we can promise anything, but we want to be transparent and say we’re taking feedback seriously and looking at options internally.”

Halo Infinite’s chief creative officer, Joseph Staten, had also acknowledged the complaints. “Hey Spartans, this has been a hectic week,” Staten said, quote-tweeting Junyszek. “That was definitely not our goal.”

Junyszek on Friday didn’t provide a specific date for the new update, but it looks like it could be coming soon. “Our team has been working hard to get as much as we can into this update as quickly as possible, but there are still a few steps to go before we can release it into the wild,” he said. “We will share more information about the specific release schedule for this update in the coming days.”

Inversions are just the last speed bumps for Infinite Halo, which has had a difficult evolution since its launch late last year. And we will wait a while for some basic features to be added to the game; 343 announced last month that he was targeting a late August release for online campaign co-op and a September launch for an open beta of Forge Mode.

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