Halo Infinite Tank Gun Returns As 343 Rolls Back Season 2 ‘Hotfixes’

Halo Infinite fixed its infamous “tank gun” last week with the introduction of Season 2: Lone Wolves, but 343 has already undone the cannon removal, reinstating it along with several removed multiplayer “skill skips”.

A new post from 343 on the Halo Waypoint forums details the changes players can expect to see in an upcoming update, stating that the team will be looking to share the release schedule for this upcoming update “in the near future. next days”.

Halo Infinite tank gun and skill jumps have been restored

For anyone working on the Halo Infinite Achievements who failed to get LASO to unlock Headmaster before the tank gun was removed, the next patch would bring this OP secret weapon back to its home atop Tremonius Outpost to make LASO much easier again . As for the other speedrun tips that died with Season 2, 343 claims that “many of them are much more complicated because they are closely related to the work we did in preparation for co-op, but we will continue to explore our possibilities.”

If multiplayer is more your “jam,” you’ll be happy to hear that the weapon jamming bug introduced by the Season 2 changes is also being fixed. “After pushing on this since we saw the initial reports from the community, we have been able to identify the root cause of the issue and will be reverting the recent change to help get this into the hands of players more quickly,” 343’s post reads. Additionally, four maps – Aquarius, Bazaar, Live Fire, and Streets – will have their skill jumps removed returned, with all Aquarius bars reverting to the way they worked before Season 2, while that Aquarius is getting a slight tweak to make his jump clearer. defined. But what about the others? “We would like more jumps that the community discovers and adopts to evolve like the Aquarius jumps did – to become more clearly communicated visually and for their traversal rules to become more explicit and predictable,” adds 343. “However, that’s a tough goal to achieve. We realize that modifying some jumps in this way is likely to change their skill cap, discoverability, and the fun factor of what makes them interesting in the first place. If future tweaks will be needed, all these factors will be taken into account and player feedback will be fundamental.”

Glad to see 343 rolling back changes and making fixes in Halo Infinite after the “bumpy” start to Season 2? What changes and fixes do you hope to see next? Let us know!

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