Google Pixel Buds Pro launch country, price and color availability detailed

The wireless headphones will also be able to charge wirelessly at 2.5W

Google announced the Pixel Buds Pro at Google I/O earlier this month. The premium wireless earbuds are set to be pre-ordered on July 21 and hit stores a week later on July 28. They will be available in four colors: Coral, Lemongrass, Fog and Charcoal. Google is known for launching its products in limited markets and colors outside of the United States. The story is a bit different here as the Pixel Buds Pro will launch in 12 countries. Even better, the different colorways will be available in most of these markets.

For comparison, Google launched its A-series of budget-oriented Pixel Buds only in Clearly White in most countries outside of the US and Canada. That meant some missed the green tint Google offered for the Pixel Buds A.


Below is an overview of Pixel Buds Pro pricing and color availability in launch countries (via 9to5Google):

Country Price Colors
United States $199 Coral, Citronella, Fog and Charcoal
Canada CA$259.99 Coal, Fog, Lemongrass
UK £179 Coral, Fog, Coal, Lemongrass
Australia 219 € Fog, Coal, Citronella
Japan ¥23,800 Coral, Fog, Coal, Lemongrass
France 219 € Coral, Fog, Coal, Lemongrass
Germany 219 € Coral, Fog, Coal, Lemongrass
Ireland 219 € coal
Italy 219 € Coral, Fog, Coal, Lemongrass
Spain 219 € Coral, Fog, Coal, Lemongrass
Taiwan $5,990 Coal, Fog
Singapore 299 SGD coal

Note that these are only launch countries and that Google tends to expand the availability of its products to other markets a few months after release. For example, India is currently missing from this list, but we might see them get there at a later date.

Additionally, as spotted by 9to5Google, the Pixel Buds Pro have been certified by the Wireless Power Consortium. The listing reveals that the headphones can charge wirelessly at speeds of up to 2.5W. That’s not too slow, but it’s not super fast either. One of the best wireless headphones on the market, the Sony WF-1000XM4 can wirelessly accept 5W of power. Still, with an estimated 11 hours of battery life without ANC, you’re unlikely to need to charge Google’s premium wireless headphones frequently.

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