France officially bans English gaming terms like ‘eSports’ and ‘streaming’ | Engadget

English jargon has invaded every corner of France, causing consternation among language purists – a trade fair popular with politicians during election season is called “Made in France”, for example. Despite widespread use in businesses and elsewhere, the government has decided to crack down on gaming, officially banning terms such as “streamer” and “cloud gaming”, according to AFP. In the future, much more complicated terms live player-host and cloud video game must be used for all government communication.

The changes were made in consultation with the French Ministry of Culture, which has in the past touted the gaming industry as a French economic success story. However, he told the AFP he fears that the English terms will become a “barrier to understanding” for non-gamers. (That’s a solid point, as I can attest that many non-French gamers would have no idea what a term like “streaming” means.) Guardians of the French language, the french academyalso expressed concern about English jargon in games, having published a lexicon of alternative French terms in 2017.

The changes have been published in the government’s official gazette, which means they are binding on all government employees. However, it is difficult to see them spreading in everyday use or even on French websites or newspapers. The previous efforts of the french academy to replace anglicisms didn’t go well — his attempt to get people to use wireless internet access instead of wifi completely failed, because Local France points out.

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