Fortnite Shared V-Bucks Wallet Will Soon Support PlayStation

Any fortnite V-Bucks purchased on PlayStation will soon be available on all platforms where the game is available except for Nintendo Switch, developer Epic Games announced on Monday. Previously, all V-Bucks you purchased on a PlayStation console were locked to Sony’s platforms, but starting with the v20.40 update which will be released on Tuesday, you will also be able to access these V-Bucks in part of your “Shared Wallet” when you play fortnite on Xbox, PC, Android and cloud gaming services.

Sony has been reluctant to play well with Epic’s cross-platform ambitions for fortnite in the old days. Crossplay wasn’t available until Sony enabled it in September 2018, although crossplay was an option for players on Xbox and Switch before then. This reluctance to enable crossplay was likely due to the fact that from Fortnite the cash cow is PlayStation, according to court documents released in Epic’s lawsuit against Apple. Between March 2018 and July 2020, the PS4 generated 46.8% of from Fortnite total income. (The second-highest platform, Xbox One, generated 27.5 percent.)

We don’t know exactly how that revenue pie is splitting up right now. But given that fortnite was the most downloaded free game on PS5 and PS4 combined in the US and EU in April, March and February, according to Sony it is clear that the game is still very popular on PlayStation platforms, which probably means a lot of people are buying V-Bucks.

Note that the upcoming change only applies to bought V-Bucks. As before, any V-Bucks you earn from things like from Fortnite battle passes or its Save the World mode can be accessed on all platforms where the game is available, including PlayStation and Switch. However, V-Bucks you buy from Microsoft or Sony stores will not appear in your shared wallet until you log in. fortnite on the corresponding console platform.

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