FIFA 22 DOWN: Latest EA Servers Status, Unable to Connect, Issues Encountered

Reports of FIFA 22 down and EA down are increasing tonight, with widespread server issues reported. Independent crash monitor Down Detector has seen a surge in FIFA 22 and EA crash reports, with players reporting connection issues. At the time of writing, Down Detector UK has seen a peak of over 5,000 EA server crash reports and a peak of over 3,000 FIFA crash reports.

According to statistics from Down Detector, the main issue affecting FIFA and EA players is server connection issues. The site also said that reports of FIFA and EA server issues started coming in around 9.30pm UK time.

As the difficulties reported by FIFA and EA servers hit, users took to Twitter to discuss the issues they were facing.

One tweeted: “@EAHelp Why are the servers down, I can’t access FIFA?”

While another posted: “The minute I load fifa after about 4 months the servers go down”.

One added: “The FIFA servers went down and I had to win this game to qualify for the in-form champions and I was 3-1.”

And another wrote: ‘Welp…FIFA down?! I can’t reconnect to the internet’.

The official FIFA Direct Communication Twitter account later confirmed that they were investigating reports of players having trouble connecting to EA servers.

The FIFA Twitter account posted: “We are investigating reports from players that they are unable to connect to EA servers and will provide further updates in this thread when available.”

Apart from FIFA 22 fans, it looks like players who enjoy other EA games were also hit by server issues tonight.

Down Detector also saw a spike in Battlefield down reports tonight.

The latest FIFA server issues precede the release of FIFA 22 TOTW 35 tomorrow, which will be one of the final Team of the Week releases this season.

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