Elden Ring gets ‘seamless’ co-op with new mod

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Whereas Ring of Elden is technically playable in co-op, the convoluted way of the developersSoftware implemented mode means hardly anyone cares. It’s about to change, thanks to this amazing mod by LucYui.

It does… essentially what you’d hope official co-op would do, letting you and a few friends get into the game together and just play, with no weird rules or restrictions. Here is the official description:

Simply put, the mod allows you to play with friends throughout the game without any restrictions. With this, it’s theoretically possible to play the game from the tutorial through to the final boss completely in a single co-op session.

If a player dies, they will respawn in the same world at the last bonfire they rested on. The session will not be terminated.

Defeating enemy bosses and clearing areas no longer sends cooperators home.

All fog walls/barriers that usually restrict the multiplayer area (along with their respective teleports) are gone.

All players can torrent (assuming they have the whistle) in a session together.

All waypoints on the map will sync, making it easier for you to navigate the world in a group.

When a player rests at a Grace Site, the world state is reset for all players. This is necessary to prevent enemy desynchronization.

Completed game progress events in the online game will also progress the game in your own world.

Players are free to explore the entire game map (Overworld, Underworld, Legacy Dungeons, etc.) together, and can split up if they wish.

Anyone can use Torrent? Are the waypoints synchronized? Your progress continues? A munbelievable ! Of course, to make this all work, a few changes had to be made to the core experience.. More importantly, being able to roam around with friends indefinitely makes the game much easier, so a number of balance tweaks have been made, including the addition of a third level of scaling enemy, locking down anyone who dies in a spectating boss fight, and inflicting rot on anyone who dies in a co-op session.

The invasions are gone, as they don’t work with the way co-op was built, and Marika’s stakes were also removed as they cause “connection issues”. And the whole thing basically comes with a disclaimer that while it works, it’s also a work in progress and players will encounter bugs throughout..

If you want to install the mod and try it yourself, you can find it here.

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