Dubs crowd break out Grizzlies chant after winning Game 6

In an attempt to stir salt in the Memphis Grizzlies’ injuries, Golden State Warriors fans began chanting their opponents’ rallying cry in the dying moments of the Dubs’ Game 6 win.

With the game — and a ticket to the Western Conference Finals — secured, Warriors fans began chanting “whoop this trick,” referencing the rallying cry and song Memphis fans often use to buzz with their home team.

Although the chant – which comes from the song in the 2005 movie “Hustle and Flow” – has been part of Grizzlies lore since 2013, it holds special significance in this playoff series with the Warriors. Things really kicked off via a pre-game chat before Game 5 on Wednesday, when Steph Curry told ESPN the game plan was to “scream this round.”

At the time, Golden State was leading 3-1 in the series. But Wednesday’s game was never close, and at one point Grizzlies fans got revenge by chanting “whoop this trick” seemingly louder than ever. Even the dance team was involved; a member walked into Curry’s face with a microphone while singing.

Although the Warriors did not reciprocate with their own blowout victory in Game 6, they pulled out late in the fourth quarter to the point where home fans felt comfortable enough to chant wryly. with just over two minutes. regulation.

Only part of the crowd really got involved, perhaps because not everyone understood the meaning or felt the need to get involved. Either way, every fan got to celebrate the Warriors’ 110-96 win, which knocked out the Grizzlies in the postseason.

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