Defense Secretary: US aims to degrade Russian military

Lloyd Austin III, the Secretary of Defense, said one of the main US goals in supporting Ukraine is “to see Russia weakened to the point where it can’t do the kinds of things she did by invading Ukraine”. Austin, speaking bluntly on Monday after a visit to kyiv on Sunday, said Russia had “already lost a lot of military capability and a lot of its troops, quite frankly, and we want them not to have the ability to reproduce this ability very quickly”. .” Austin was accompanied by Secretary of State Antony Blinken on his trip, which was shrouded in secrecy until President Volodymyr Zelensky exposed the secret at a press conference on Saturday afternoon. They are the most senior US officials to visit Ukraine since the invasion began, and they reportedly discussed increased US military aid to Ukraine. “The first step to winning is believing you can win,” Austin told reporters. “They believe we can win, we believe they can win if they have the right equipment, the right support. We’re going to do everything we can – keep doing everything we can to make sure this gets to them.

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