Death Stranding sequel apparently acknowledged by Norman Reedus

Sam Porter Bridges looks into a mirror to see a cloaked figure behind him.

Screenshot: Kojima Productions / Kotaku

Talk to Men’s Lifestyle Site Leoactor Norman Reedus seems to suggest that not only will there be a sequel to 2019 Death Stranding, but this production has “just started”. This information comes in the middle of a broad interview where the actor talks about his time on The Walking Deadhis friendship with other actors and celebrities, and, of course, his time working with video game author, Hideo Kojima.

It doesn’t get any more direct than that. After discussing her upcoming book, “The Ravaged“, as well as thand ending for The Walking Deadinterviewer Ilaria Urbinati mentions Death Stranding to which the actor responds very directly:

Ok, so you’ve got the current book, you’ve got the final season coming out, then the spinoffs, and you’re filming Death Strandingthe video game.

We have just started the second.

Now, before we all start running our own speculations about how we might continue the story of Death Strandingit’s worth mentioning that “the second” could refer to another game he’s working on with Kojima, or something entirely different.

After this potentially huge piece of information told in six simple words, Reedus tells the story of how Guillermo Del Toro introduced him to “a guy named Hideo Kojima” and how their work together survived the ill-fated silent hills project, and went on to explain how his “digital DNA” was captured for the game, a process he described as “so complicated and so beautiful”.

As many may already know, mere whispers of all things Kojima-related races wild conspiracy theories and speculations. Just look at the marketing for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Painas well as other times he played with expectations, might explain why fans tend to be so overly speculative about the legendary game developer’s work. As a result, getting a seemingly simple answer about an upcoming Kojima game is rather… unexpected. In addition to tweets about what music he listens to on his walkman (because of course Kojima would have a walkman in 2022), Kojima recently posted an interesting image of himself arranging Ultraman toys with one word: “EXPERIMENTING”.

Fans of Kojima’s work may recall that he was known to use toys while working on a gameso do what you want with it.

Kotaku has reached out to Kojima Productions for comment on this story.

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