Dead Space Creator’s Sci-Fi Horror The Callisto Protocol Releases This December

Dead Space creator Glen Schofield’s sci-fi horror The Callisto Protocol finally has a release date and is heading to PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC on December 2 this year.

Callisto Protocol, which was officially unveiled in December 2020, is a third-person horror game set in the year 2320. Its action takes place within the confines of the Black Iron penal colony on Jupiter’s moon Callisto, and – needless to say – suffocating terror and “terrifying secrets” ensue.

We’ve only seen one The Callisto Protocol cutscene since its intriguing 2020 reveal, so it’s nice to finally see the thing properly in action thanks to its brand new release date trailer – which includes a handful gameplay – below. It sounds like deliciously atmospheric, deliciously gross stuff – and, yes, not quite unlike Dead Space.

The Callisto Protocol – Release Date Trailer.

There’s not much more to report on the game at the moment, though that will most certainly change as its December 2 release date draws closer.

One thing we do know, however, thanks to recent confirmation from Schofield, is that the Callisto Protocol – which is being developed by Striking Distance Studios for PUBG publisher Krafton – will no longer attempt to sneak into the PUBG universe, which, to be honest, always looked like a very dodgy plan.

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