Concussions can cause changes in gut bacteria | Boing Boing

Researchers at the Houston Methodist Research Institute have found that brain injuries, such as concussions, can alter your gut bacteria.

From the New Atlas:

The Houston Methodist team investigated this question further by following 33 college football players over the course of a season, collecting blood, stool and saliva samples at three intervals along the way to create a picture of their microbiomes. intestinal.

Following cases of concussion, the team found decreased levels of two bacterial species that are normally abundant in healthy individuals. They also found correlations between proteins linked to traumatic brain injury in the blood and bacteria linked to brain injury in the stool. These may be the result of inflammation, caused by the concussion, which alters proteins and molecules circulating in the body, crossing the intestinal barrier and reshaping gut bacteria and metabolism.

Study author Sonia Villapol says, “Until your gut microbiota is back to normal, you haven’t recovered. This is why studying the intestine is so useful. It doesn’t lie. And that is why there is so much interest in using it. for diagnostic purposes.”

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