Ceredigion Council’s new one-woman cabinet

There is only one woman in the new executive group of the Ceredigion council following the Plaid Cymru leader appointments.

Councilor Bryan Davies – who succeeded Ellen ap Gwynn as head of the council – announced his new cabinet members and slightly “modified” portfolios during the full council on May 20.

He will oversee the Democracy, Policy, Performance and Partnerships portfolio.

The previous cabinet had three women, including Ms ap Gwynn, but now only new member Cllr Catrin Davies is involved in executive decision-making, with responsibility for the culture, recreation and community service portfolio. customer base.

Cllr Alun Williams is now deputy chief, with Cllr Davies hailing his wealth of experience, and he will also be responsible for age and welfare.

Cllr Clive Davies will take over the Economy and Regeneration portfolio and Cllr Gareth Davies Finance and Procurement Services, while another new member, Cllr Keith Henson, will take over the highways, environmental services and carbon management.

A new face on the board Cllr Matthew Vaux will be in charge of the housing portfolio, legal affairs and governance, people and organization and public protection and schools Cllr Wyn Thomas, lifelong learning life and skills.

At the meeting, which faced sound issues during the Facebook live stream, the political groups assigned members to the various supervisory and control committees and commissions, with presidents and vice-presidents also named.

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