Blizzard is offering a refund for the $25 nerfed Hearthstone card

Enlarge / Shine bright like a diamond.

Last month, Foyer broke long-standing precedent by selling a single cosmetic map upgrade for a mere $25 (or a similar amount of in-game currency). Now that the power level of the expensive card is reduced, Blizzard is offering a generous refund to players who made this purchase and allowing them to keep the ultra-rare card, to boot.

Drek’Thar has been extremely popular Foyer card since its release in December alongside the Fractured in Alterac Valley set. Thanks to the card’s ability to draw and summon two minions from your deck each cast (if your deck is properly built), Drek’Thar was appearing in over 20% of all competitive decks this month, according to stats from, and decks with the card were winning over 60% of the time.

A diamond is forever

During months, Foyer players could find a Legendary Drek’Thar in regular packs, craft a copy using in-game dust obtained from excess cards, or earn a “free” golden copy by completing various in-game quests. April 5, however, Blizzard added a way to get a new version of Drek’Thar: pay $25 (or 3,000 in-game gold) to purchase an ultra-rare “Diamond” upgrade.

Diamond cards were first introduced at the end of March Foyer updated as a purely cosmetic modification of existing maps. The ultra-rare Diamond versions, which come with custom animations, are for hardcore collectors who want to show off the rarest and prettiest versions of their cards.

For the most part, players could obtain Diamond cards by completing quests on the game’s Tavern Pass reward track or by collecting full sets of other Legendary rarity cards. Drek’Thar was the exception, however; the only way to get the Diamond version of this card was to purchase it with in-game gold or cash during its April sale window.

Many players weren’t happy with this sales tactic, as evidenced by a popular Reddit thread full of complaints about perceived greed on Blizzard’s part. “It would be one thing if you got multiple diamond cards, but for one card, it’s not even close enough to be worth $25,” user prplehuskie13 wrote in a representative comment.

Sorry for the nerf, have gold

Fast forward to Thursday, when Blizzard Foyer Update 23.2.2 reduced Drek’Thar’s in-game power level. Now, instead of summoning two additional minions, the card only summons one when cast. The change resulted in an immediate reduction in Drek’Thar’s usage and win rates, according to HSReplay.

These types of nerfs are quite common when a card becomes too dominant in the Foyer meta game. And when they do happen, Blizzard is offering affected players refunds in the form of in-game dust that can be used to craft other cards (while also allowing players to keep newly nerfed cards in their collection).

For players who have spent money on Diamond Drek’Thar, however, Blizzard is going the extra mile with their refund. “All players who own Diamond Drek’Thar at the time the patch goes live will automatically receive 3,000 gold when they log in as a refund,” the company wrote.

That’s enough gold to buy 30 decks of cards, which would typically cost $35-$40 if purchased in multiple batches. And that refund is in addition to the Drek’Thar nerf itself, which players will be able to keep as proof of their conspicuous digital consumption.

While Blizzard stopped short of giving real money back to players who spent $25 on a Diamond Drek’Thar, the in-game gold is a pretty generous bonus for those who made the investment. And who knows, maybe it will make those Foyer whales are even more willing to spend money on a single cosmetic map upgrade in the future.

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