Biden waives executive privilege for new set of Trump records

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President Biden has authorized the National Archives and Records Administration to turn over an eighth installment of Trump’s White House presidential records to the House committee investigating the January 6, 2021, deadly attack on the Capitol.

In a letter released Wednesday by the National Archives, Biden again refused to assert executive privilege over the records — the latest batch sought by the committee after the Supreme Court rejected the former president’s offer. Donald Trump to block such publications.

The new letter is consistent with the Biden administration’s decision to err on the side of disclosure, given the gravity of the events of the Jan. 6 attack by a pro-Trump mob. The National Archives has already turned over hundreds of pages of documents to the committee, and the latest set contains about 23,000 emails and attachments.

The National Archives removed some records from the batch after finding them “non-compliant” with the request, according to a letter from White House attorney Dana Remus. Some of the requested documents, according to Remus, have not yet been reviewed by the Archives.

“With respect to the remaining priority files, President Biden has reviewed the former President’s claims, and I have engaged in consultations with the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel. The President has determined that a claim of executive privilege is not in the best interests of the United States and is therefore not warranted,” Remus wrote.

Those documents are expected to be delivered to the committee by May 26, according to a letter from Acting Archivist Debra Steidel Wall conveying notice of the White House’s decision to Trump – two weeks before the start of the committee’s public hearings. bedroom.

It’s unclear exactly what documents will be included in the eighth batch of documents, but Trump has attempted to assert privilege over daily presidential diaries, schedules, draft speeches, remarks and correspondence regarding the January 6 events. as well as the records of his top advisers and attorneys, according to a review of court documents.

According to a spokesperson for the committee, the committee has so far conducted nearly 995 depositions and interviews, received 125,000 documents and followed up on 470 information received through the committee’s hotline.

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