Bethesda postpones “Starfield” to 2023 | Engadget

Two of Bethesda’s most high-profile games will miss their long-promised release dates. The Microsoft-owned company has delayed both the sci-fi RPG star field and Arkane’s Vampire Shooter red fall in the first half of 2023. The developers have “incredible ambitions” and need more time to deliver the “best and most polished” titles possible, according to Bethesda.

The studio has promised in-depth gameplay explorations for both projects “soon”. star field was previously scheduled to ship on November 11 this year, while red fall was to be launched this summer.

These certainly aren’t the only major games delayed to 2023. Nintendo breath of the wild sequel and EA PGA Tour are among those who have been pushed back. Bethesda’s delays may sting more than usual, however. star field is a tent game that will show what the company can do under Microsoft’s wing, while red fall builds on the hype of previous Arkane hits like Dishonored, Prey and Death Loop. The waits may be worth it, but they will prevent Bethesda from ending 2022 with a few blockbuster releases.

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