Battlefield 2042 killed my favorite game mode

Battlefield 2042

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Like Battlefield 2042 keep languishing somewhere in the hell between “failed launch” and “everything that comes next”, the DICE developers are making minor changes to the game to keep things running smoothly. Although I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of their latest effort.

When the game was launched, it was launched with a bunch of game modes including Gate (a weird soup of old Battlefield custom games and rules) and some small-scale co-op stuff, but really, the main events – and those highlighted on the main menu under a big ALL-OUT WARFARE banner – were Conquest and Breakthrough.

Conquest is your standard Battlefield mode, where players race to capture and hold control points on the map, but Breakthrough was a more conventional type of warfare, where two sides simply attacked each other on a map, focusing their fires (and losses) on a proper front line. And while the former remains the most popular way to play the game, the latter has now had its 128 player mode removed from the game.

As DICE explains:

In this update, we are making several updates to All-Out Warfare rotations. Our main change is the removal of the 128 player version of Breakthrough. When reviewing the experiences available in All-Out Warfare, we felt that 128 player modes are best suited to Conquest where the play spaces are larger and you have a more natural fit for sandbox play. .

In Breakthrough’s 128-player mode, we believe the value and impact of an individual player and team is reduced due to the increased intensity and chaos of combat.

I see what they mean and I understand that they are reacting to the concerns of many players, but I’m really disappointed because it was my favorite game mode. I loved the “intensity and chaos” of the fights, it’s why i play battlefieldand each time I found myself on a frontline with explosions crackling all around me, tanks igniting and jets crashing meters from my position I thought, fuck yes, it is exactly the kind of Battlefield experience that I have been waiting for for decades.

As I discovered in the months following launch, however, many things i like Battlefield 2042 are things that longtime fans hateand so DICE made the decision to limit Breakthrough mode to their 64-player version, giving everyone more room to breathe and run, especially since half the maps will still be played on their 128-player versions players.

As a result, Breakthrough 64 squads have a better opportunity to work together, flank the enemy, place a spawn beacon, use their plus menu to attach suppressors, then clear and hold a point – a squad helping to turn the tide as an Example. We believe the move to 64 players will bring back the tempo that helps celebrate those moments of teamwork and PTFO, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on how our changes help improve the experience ahead of the start of the season. 1.

So RIP, breakthrough to 128 players. You used to be my favorite game mode, but then the fact that I haven’t been able to play a game on Australian servers for months – because no one else wanted to play – probably suggests that DICE is responding to players with more widespread opinions about this game than mine.

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