Bad news! This ‘gateway’ to Mars doesn’t look like much when zoomed in

It’s apparently “just a gap” – but we’re still going to care.

open door

Apparently this photo of a “gate” on the surface of Mars has been cropped such to make it look like something much cooler than it actually is.

Over the weekend, a photo of NASA’s Curiosity rover went viral because it depicted what appeared to be a rectangular doorway cut into the Red Planet’s Mount Sharp. Although Mars Science Laboratory project scientist Ashwin Vasavada assured Gizmodo that it was nothing more than a natural rock formation in ancient sandstone, some true believers were unconvinced.

Since the photo of the “gate” went viral, professional debunker Mick West has released the enlarged photos of Mount Sharp taken by Curiosity – and, unsurprisingly, it looks like nothing from that perspective.