Award of a contract for the implementation of the Remote Airbase Expansion Project in Jordan

A contract for the implementation of a remote air base expansion project in Jordan has been awarded by the United States Department of Defense, an executive department of the federal government, called the Pentagon and responsible for coordinating and to oversee all government agencies and functions directly related to national security and the armed forces of the United States.

Construction work on the remote airbase expansion project stems from the increased US military presence in the country in recent years, as it aims to bolster their security in the region.

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Remote Air Base Expansion Project Scope and Cost

The contract for the remote airbase expansion project is worth US$14.6 million. The Pentagon revealed that the cost of the project will fund the construction of an air traffic control city which will be located in the eastern city of Azraq.

When announcing the project contract, the ministry did not confirm the name of the base. However, they identified the air combat command headquarters of its 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing in Azraq as Muwaffaq Salti Air Base.

The remote airbase expansion project in Jordan is the seventh awarded by the US Army Corps of Engineers. This is part of a larger expenditure worth $265 million which aims to drill water wells, repair tracks as well as build dormitories for up to 280 people.

Since the 1950s, Jordan has had close ties with the United States Senior researcher at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Ghaith al-Omari said that through this project, the country wants to take their relationship “to the next level “by housing American bases. He further added that this is seen as a guarantee of security in the event that if any of Jordan’s neighbors cause disruption, the United States will intervene.

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