Australia’s new PM appoints record 10 women to cabinet

Australia’s new government will be more like his country, as Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has appointed a record 10 women to his new cabinet. High profile appointments include Penny Wong as Foreign Secretary, Claire O’Neil as Home Secretary and Cybersecurity Minister, and Katy Gallagher as Finance Minister.

“It’s an exciting team. It’s a team that I think is brimming with talent, with people who are absolutely committed to making a difference as ministers and deputy ministers,” Albanese said Tuesday at the a press conference in Canberra.

“This is the highest number of women to ever serve in an Australian cabinet,” he added.

A few of the new leaders were sworn in last week, but Albanese has now unveiled the complete slate Cabinet assignments. The other ministers will be sworn in on Wednesday morning, he said.

With 10 women in leadership positions, Albanese raises the bar set by seven women in top positions under Scott Morrison, the former prime minister. But Morrison’s government has also struggled to deal with a series of sexual misconduct scandals that helped pave the way for the Tories to be ousted after nearly a decade in office.

The 10 places reflect less than half of the more than 20 positions. But, notes the Women’s Agenda website, “Albanese’s cabinet is more diverse than previous Australian cabinets, both in the men and women who will serve.”

The site reports that the new government will also include two Muslim ministers: Ed Husic will be the minister for industry and science while Anne Aly will lead both the early childhood education and youth portfolios, which are part of the so-called outer ministry which is one. rang below the Cabinet.

Albanese announced the selections a week after the leader of the centre-left Labor Party won the election and was quickly sworn in. With the full national results now known, Albanese said on Tuesday that his government will have an absolute majority when parliament opens its new session.

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