Andre wants JK and Moody to learn from his mistakes in the Finals

Warriors rookies Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody are making their first-ever appearance in the NBA Finals — an experience few players can experience so fresh in the league.

Now entering the Finals for the seventh time in his 18-year career, Golden State veteran Andre Iguodala hopes they enjoy every moment he never has. He doesn’t want the two young Warriors to take anything for granted as the Finals begin, he told reporters at media day in San Francisco on Wednesday.

“Well, we expect kids to take on the world when we say they’re supposed to. You know what I mean?” Iguodala said when asked what Kuminga and Moody could take away from the experience. “They are 19-year-olds. Historically, they’re not meant to take on whatever comes with the finale.

Kuminga is 19, while Moody just turned 20. Despite their age, they contributed to the Warriors playoffs in various ways. But it can be easy to get caught up in the bright lights and forget to cherish every moment, Iguodala warned.

“They’re supposed to be on college campuses learning about themselves, learning who they are as people, learning what they like, learning what they don’t like, instead of these guys earning more than five million dollars a year, have all the pressures, the madness of having money and being in the spotlight,” Iguodala continued. “You can get jaded. acquired.

“It’s not their fault. I’m guilty of it, just being in the final so many times where I don’t feel anything. I just know it’s my job to go out and win. Really no joy in it, it’ll just work.

Now, Iguodala wishes he could go back and do things differently and doesn’t want both rookies to make the same mistakes.

“Trying to make it clear to them that you really want to soak up everything here, like taking pictures,” he said. “In some finals I’ve been to I have no memory, I don’t even remember. I look back, I wish I had done this, I wish I had done that. So, just give them the feedback there.

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Iguodala knows Kuminga and Moody are more than capable of performing on the NBA’s biggest stage. It’s acknowledging the gravity of the moment while they’re in it that’s most important.

“They both work hard, both work hard,” Iguodala said. “Just make sure they enjoy the moment, understand that it’s not really a given, and it’s really, really hard to get here.”

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