Alberto Fernández meets the cabinet with the governors of UOCRA: “They want to divide us”

President Alberto Fernández took part in an act of the Union of Construction Workers (UOCRA) with the general secretary of the union Gerardo Martínez, in which he affirmed that “every minister” of his government “It has a central mission, that wages rise and beat inflation”.

The president claimed that the world “has suffered the effects of the pandemic and now the consequences of a war and economic sanctions that can doom the world to starvation”.

“How can the world go to war? I campaign for egalitarian societies where everyone has access to work and health. I’m not going to renounce these principles, he was a Peronist all his life and Perón and Evita taught us that,” he said.

The president spoke in front of thousands of construction workers in their signature yellow hard hats, in an act held to celebrate the recovery of construction jobs after the drop recorded due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday, the union had announced the holding of the act in “support for the leadership” of Alberto Fernández and “in defense of the policies that defend Argentine work and national production”.

From Uocra they estimated that “more than 20,000 construction workers from the province of Buenos Aires with the firm objective of firmly supporting their policies (those of Fernández) for the benefit of the country” could be mobilized.

“It is not an act against anyone, and it does not involve any internal politics; it is in favor of a government and in support of the direction of its policies committed to the recovery of Argentine production and work,” the organizers said.

The act in a Uocra property in Esteban Echeverría and those that will take place during the celebration of the week of May will serve to launch a new stage in the communication of the executive power, which will consist in emphasizing these achievements.

In fact, it was expected that there would be a formal change in the slogan of the Presidency of the Nation, leaving behind the idea of ​​​​”reconstruction” after the pandemic and setting a new course that has to do with “growth”. .

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