Aaron Wise hit in the head with a wayward practice ball during the PGA Championship | CNN


Aaron Wise was hit in the head by a wayward tee shot from Australian Cameron Smith during the 2022 PGA Championship.

Wise was walking down the fairway on the seventh hole during the second round at Southern Hills Country Club in Oklahoma when he was hit by Smith’s drive from the adjacent second tee.

Smith had cut his drive to the right and could be heard shouting “before” almost immediately; the warning given by golfers to nearby players or supporters who may be hit by a ball.

The unwitting American couldn’t hear the warning and was hit in the head without the ball bouncing.

Wise could be seen sitting on the ground for a short time afterwards, before getting back to his feet and holding a water bottle to his head where the bullet had hit him.

The 25-year-old was able to complete the final holes of his second round, going par on the seventh and eighth holes – he started his round on the 10th hole – ending with a bogey on his final hole.

Wise was pictured after his round ended holding an ice pack over his head where the ball had hit him. Golf Channel’s Ryan Lavner mentioned Wise “knelt down for about 30 seconds but seemed to shake” and “showed his playing partner the mark on his hat”.

Wise stands on the seventh hole after being hit by Smith's ball.

According to to sportscaster Garrett Johnston, Wise said “there was a bit of a buzz in my head and I was on the fairway. It lasted about 20 seconds. Then I felt pretty normal after that.

He carded a second round two-for-72, which puts him one over for the tournament and comfortably makes the cut.

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