A wild Pokemon-themed Galaxy Buds case has appeared

Samsung has released a Pokémon-themed poké ball case for its Galaxy Buds true wireless headphones in South Korea. It’s the perfect accessory for anyone who prefers their charging case to look dope rather than fit easily in their pocket. Gizmodo reports that the case is a limited edition, and it also appears to be exclusive to South Korea where it retails for 134,000 won (about $105).

Unlike a very similar wireless earbud charging case that Razer released in 2020, Samsung’s poke ball doesn’t appear to directly charge its earbuds. Instead, the idea is to place the standard charging case for your Galaxy Buds 2, Galaxy Buds Pro, or Galaxy Buds Live (aka Galaxy Beans) inside the poké ball, where it’s likely ready. to be deployed in the midst of battle. Samsung also includes a Pokémon-themed sticker with the accessory to adorn your charging case.

The case also comes with a Pokémon sticker.
Picture: Samsung

It’s unclear if the poké ball might see a release outside of South Korea. But given that there’s been no sign of Samsung’s previous Pokemon-themed Galaxy Z Flip 3 outside of the country, we’re not holding our collective breath.

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