A funeral service in Alabama has been held for ex-prison boss Vicky White

Vicky White’s family buried the former prison boss on Saturday instead of celebrating her sixth award as Lauderdale County Correctional Employee of the Year.

White, 56, deputy commander of operations at Lauderdale County Jail, walked out of the north Alabama jail with capital murder suspect Casey White on April 29, saying she was driving him to court, before to hit the road in a car. authorities say she bought it for the escape.

The nation was mesmerized by the 11-day manhunt, before an Indiana car wash official called police about an abandoned Ford F-150 truck they stole after Vicky White’s Ford Echo broke down in Tennessee. Casey White was picked up, but Vicky White killed herself as the cops closed in. The two were unrelated.

Vicky White’s funeral service was held at Center Hill Cemetery, about 25 miles from the prison where she worked.

Her obituary only indicates that she died on May 9 and worked at the prison.

White was voted “employee of the year” five times and was to receive the award again.

She is survived by her parents, two brothers, a nephew and several aunts and uncles. A handful of obituary comments expressed condolences to the family. “Praying for Vicky’s family and friends today,” one post read. “Treasure your beautiful memories, which will never pass.”

Friends and colleagues are still puzzled as to what happened to the model employee, who apparently fell in love with a man serving a 75-year sentence for a terrifying rampage where he attempted to murder his ex-girlfriend, shot another woman and held several others at gunpoint. Casey White, unrelated to Vicky, was awaiting trial for the capital murder of another woman, Connie Ridgeway.

Authorities said Vicky White gave the huge Casey, who is 6-foot-7 and weighs more than 300 pounds, extra food and otherwise showed her favor before the escape, Fox News reported.

Vicky White was buried approximately 25 miles from the correctional facility where she worked.
Vicky White was buried approximately 25 miles from the correctional facility where she worked.
Authorities say Vicky White gave the huge Casey, who is 6ft 7in and weighs more than 300lbs, extra food and showed him other favors before the escape.
Authorities say Vicky White gave Casey White extra food and showed him other favors before they escaped.
Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office

Casey White is now facing escape charges in addition to charges related to Ridgeway’s 2015 murder. Meanwhile, a friend of Ridgeway’s has started a GoFundMe to raise reward money for the car wash manager whose tip led the cops to the fugitive couple.

Casey White’s mother, Connie Moore, said the jailer also visited the inmate’s 12-year-old son and 2-year-old grandchild and sent them Christmas gifts. Her son is now mourning the woman he loved and considered his wife, she claimed. “He called her his wife even when he was in prison. I just kind of accepted. I didn’t say, ‘You shouldn’t,’ or anything. It made him happy.

“Vicky was really, really nice to him – just being there for him, talking to him. They had a real thing,” she said.

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